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Urban Favourites

Clever furniture ideas with cult potential

Towns are a cultural melting pot and are where trends start. Therefore, Urban Favourites is the furniture series for everybody who loves the urban life. Under the label Urban Favourites the company Gerling Living  finds and develops pieces of furniture for people who enjoy modern design, ingenious functions and practical solutions.

duotable – smart + small

As a hybrid table, duotable takes the form of a media-based functional unit from the Urban-Favourites line. Space and function are optimally designed here. It is a genuine magic table that can be transformed from a dining table into a practical home office. duotable – smart + small


smaider – it’s yours

As a designed storage miracle, smaider brings cosmopolitan flair to the most modest abode. Adaptable desk area, trendy bar cabinet or a cabinet for your smart television: Whatever you make out of the smaider line, will let you rediscover variety. smaider – it’s yours