Design strong showing

Six modern colours and an iconic smartphone design for more decorating enjoyment.

Pure storage space

Open the flap – clean the office. File folders and other things have the ideal accommodation.

Flexible work station

Writing area and storage space perfectly combined: smaider offers plenty of space.

Stylish Lightshow

Background or practical work lighting provide the right atmosphere – smaider will switch your light bulb on.

Trendy communication area

smaider offers electrical connections for communication systems

Convenient working height

The table height of 72 cm fits everyone and work is going to be a pleasure.

Individual partition

Bookend, stacking tray or laptop holder: smaider customizes easily

Innovative technology

Open for everything: magnetically sticking pockets and a modern push-to-open-function

Play button
Pause button


Smart & Clever

smaider offers a lot of place in the smallest space. With its slender measures of 118.3 x 65 x 26.6 cm the modern secretary with cult potential is a true storage miracle. smaider gives liberty and flexibility – really a Urban Favourite!

Urban & Trendy

Behind the folding writing surface there are connection possibilities for modern communication media, a wall for magnets and two adjustable storage surfaces. For those who would like to stow away more, they can use the big compartment in the lower part from smaider, which is even accessible from both sides.

Shine & Gloria

The combination of anthracite-coloured body and six eligible front colours, weakly or partly in bright luster allows a lot of creative freedom. smaider is thereby a design piece of furniture which can be integrated into nearly every sphere of interior decoration.

Light & technology

Indirect light for more atmosphere or practical interior lighting for working hours – smaider makes the right light for the right occasion. An integrated outlet strip supplies your smart phone, tablet & Co with the necessary power.

Space & effect

At only 65 cm wide smaider fits in any space and creates its own effect through its countless usage possibilities.


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